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Apologies and Updates on Life

Hello Followers:

Today I want to take a moment to apologize for my absence over the last month. As the year comes to a close and Christmas seasons rears its glittery head, I once again realize that I may possibly have ended up saying "yes" to a few too many things this year. Once I finish grading papers mid-month, and have recovered from dental surgery, I will do my best to get back on track!

Part of the problem this year has been that I am unable to review any Printz-eligible titles, which sort of takes away a HUGE portion of what I have been reading. Once I am finished with my Printzly duties (Get it? I made a pun!) I will try to get back to my weekly or twice-weekly reviews. In the meantime, I leave with a few fun photos from my latest trip to NCTE/ALAN. It was a really fun trip, and reminded me of how amazing the YA/Children's literature community can be!

That's it for now! Thanks to everyone who keeps following amidst the absences! You are all wonderful and I can&#…