Skin and Bones - Sherry Shahan

This book is solid, but unfortunately does not truly stand out among other books dealing with psychiatric institutions and body image issues. I do, however, hold Shahan in high regard for taking the time to write about a male protagonist with an eating disorder. Since girls are often the subjects of such analysis, this title does stand out for the fact that the book centers on Jack, and Lard, both of whom have issues with food and self-image in some respect. The writing itself is not problematic, and Shahan does a good job of working within the bounds of a subject area that is already quite entrenched in YA literature. Though the plot is somewhat formulaic, I believe that the thematic elements will help this title to distinguish it from other YA recently published on similar topics. This is an important issue, and I feel that this is an important addition to the small body of fiction on young men and body image issues.

Recommended with some reservations

(Note: This review is from an Advanced Reading Copy - Out March 1, 2014)


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