Grasshopper Jungle - Andrew Smith

This isn't a review. This is a video to show you a brief glimpse into an incredible book. I wanted to review it, but it's been done by all the big reviewers already, and I can't possibly say anything better to convince you to read it. So this is my only contribution: READ IT NOW!


  1. Hey Rob,

    Totally picked this up on your recommendation. It is amazing! I've already convinced half my co-workers to read it. I think my favorite part is Austin's history ability. It is totally a superpower! The love triangle was pretty fun too! I'm curious, have you read Andrew Smith's other books? I was thinking about giving them a try.


    Nicole (from Michelle's class)

  2. Hello Nicole!

    Yes, I've read many of Andrew's other books. His Marbury Lens and Passenger books are incredibly dark, but beautifully concluded. And Stick is quite wonderfully written as long as you're not put off by the unique writing style. His novel, Winger, has been very well received by many readers as well, and has a bit of a queer bend to it as well! Many of his early works (Ghost Medicine; In the Path of Falling Objects) are great, too, though they are very different than most of his later works.

    Keep your eyes open for his new book in the Fall (I'll be posting a review in a month or so). The book is called 100 Sideways Miles, and it's incredibly moving and beautifully written.


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