Fly! - Karl Newsom Edwards

While this book is brief, the illustrations are delightful and the exploration of the fly's journey to understanding how he can move through the world allows the child reader to learn about small organisms and their ways of moving around int he world. I can honestly say I haven't seen a fly this adorable in a while. Normally I just want them to fly back out the window or disappear in some other way, but in this particular case, the illustrations really bring the brief text to life!

There is also an informative two-page spread about the various organisms discussed in the text: worms, grasshoppers, snails, etc. It's a great introduction to the world of bugs and will give children an open door into the world of biology and nonfiction. This is a wonderful primer for young readers and parents of small children. I could totally see this is a Geiser contender in much the same way that Ball! was this last year.



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