Mighty Jack and the Goblin King - Ben Hatke

Like a bolt from the blue, Jack's little sister Maddy is gone—carried into another realm by an ogre. 

When Jack and Lilly follow Maddy’s captor through the portal, they are ready for anything . . . except what they find waiting for them in the floating crossroads between worlds. Even the power of their magic plants may not be enough to get them back to earth alive.

Alone and injured, Jack and Lilly must each face their own monsters—as well as giants who grind the bones of human children to feed their “beast” and a fearsome goblin king in the sewers down below. But when Jack finds himself in a tough spot, help comes from the most unlikely person: the goblin king!

This is the sequel to Mighty Jack and it is fabulous! There's the action and adventure that we've come to expect from Ben Hatke. The illustrations are detailed, colourful, and the plot will keep pretty much anyone's attention! The story captures a really important and interesting time in young people's lives that a lot of literature misses out on in some way or another, that time right in between childhood and teenage years. The trio of heroes is delightfully realistic even in the midst of all the magic taking place within the magical world of the book.

Following directly off of the cliffhanger ending of Mighty Jack, this new instalment will be sure to satiate the most hardcore fans. And even when Jack is credited for things that he is not responsible for, readers will know that Lilly and Maddy are behind much of the success (think Hermione and Harry Potter.) This is a really fun book and I definitely Recommend it for library and classroom collections, as well as for a perfect gift for that tween in your life!

Also, THE EPILOGUE! Weeeeee!

Check it out when it comes out on September 5, 2017!


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