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Okay, so maybe this post is a little bit like cheating. I just got back from a conference, and in the meantime have had no chance to read anything as exam grading is taking up every free moment right now. So, in lieu of a review (I rhymed!), I will post some links to really awesome Top Books lists and links to what other people think will be the most amazing books of next year. I'm not allowed to post my own upcoming favourites for 2015 due to a current committee appointment, but don't you worry, I'm working to get some guest bloggers to help me out in the New Year!

So, here goes...

The Boston Globe's Best Young Adult Books of 2014 (most of which have appeared on my Top 14 of 2014 lists! Here's the first and second list, if you want to go back and look.)

The Guardian also put out a Best Children's Books of 2014 list, which is fun to look at because a number have not shown up on American lists.

And of course, Kirkus and Publishers Weekly each put out their respective lists recently.

This time of year is always wonderful and terrible. I see so many books that I've loved getting love from others, but I also see a lot more books that I now want to read, and my bank account and lack of bookshelf space continue to plead with me from the sidelines to just close that online shopping tab. It is also frustrating at times because books that I just can't endorse sometimes end up on these lists and I can't help but think, "WTF?!" Luckily, I haven't run across many of those in the Top lists this year!

What are some of your favourites from 2014? Have you been inspired by any of the lists going around the interwebz? Have you picked up something recently that just makes you want to sing from the rooftops? If so, let me know! I always appreciate suggestions.

Oh! I almost forgot! The Morris Award Finalists have been announced! So get reading and see if you can predict the winner of this fabulous award for Debut Fiction!

Have a fantastic week, y'all!



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