Black Cat, White Cat - Silvia Borando

Black Cat—black from the tips of his ears to the tip of his tail—only ever goes out in the day. But White Cat—white from her whiskers to her four furry paws—only ever goes out at night. He picks daisies, while she gazes at the stars. When they both feel the urge to explore a world beyond their own, Black Cat and White Cat go on a journey of discovery and meet for the very first time.

This book is brief, as so this review will be as well. That does not, however, mean that the book won't bring about a good amount of discussion in storytimes or other similar situations.

Though the cover is conveniently a light shade of grey, allowing for both black and white to show up in slight contrast, the rest of the book is rendered in just black and white colours, allowing each cat to show up in total contrast to the opposing colour (or lack thereof, depending on how you define black and white in the colour spectrum.) The black cat exists in the day (white) and the white cat exists at night (black), and as they interact with each other's environment, their very existence within the pages relies on contrast against each other.

This is a beautiful book relying on the concept of contrast and resourcefully relying on black and white in inventive and stimulating ways. This book is sure to entertain through word and image, and will make a wonderful accompaniment to storytime.

Highly Recommended


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