This is Sadie - Sara O'Leary and Julie Morstad

Sadie is a little girl with a big imagination. She has been a girl who lived under the sea and a boy raised by wolves. She has had adventures in wonderland and visited the world of fairytales. She whispers to the dresses in her closet and talks to birds in the treetops. She has wings that take her anywhere she wants to go, but that always bring her home again. She likes to make things -- boats out of boxes and castles out of cushions. But more than anything Sadie likes stories, because you can make them from nothing at all. For Sadie, the world is so full of wonderful possibilities ... This is Sadie, and this is her story.

I know this is a bit cliche, but This Is Sadie is about the power of imagination, and the ways in which children can turn the very ordinary into the very extraordinary. The book follows Sadie through some of her adventures and gives readers a glimpse into Sadie's desires.

Oh the colours! So many gorgeous colours! Some pages take full advantage of white space, while other spreads feature an incredible array of colour, shapes, and textures. Morstad is an incredible artist, and aside from last year's Swan, this is one of my favourites. O'Leary's spare prose enhance the images and allow readers to interact with the story at some points ("Sadie has wings, of course. They are just very, very hard to see. Still, she knows they are there. Maybe you have them too. Have you checked?")

If you haven't heard of this title yet, or if you've seen it but just haven't picked it up, you need to get yourself to a bookstore or library soon!

Highly Recommended


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