Oh No, Astro! - Matt Roeser and Brad Woodard

Asteroids! Planets! Astronauts!
In this charming debut picture book, a grumpy asteroid named Astro is thrown out of orbit and takes an unexpected journey through space!

Astro is a cranky asteroid who just wants everyone to respect his personal boundaries. But when a satellite knocks Astro out of orbit, he is forced to embark on an epic adventure through space…whether he wants to or not!

So, a few years ago I started to notice some amazing covers being produced by Candlewick Press, then I noticed that most of my favourite covers were being designed by a guy named Matt Roeser. So when I found out that there was a new picturebook coming out from Simon & Schuster authored by Matt Roeser, I got SUPER EXCITED!!

I managed to snag a copy the other day from a bookstore down the road, and did a happy dance, waving the book excitedly in the air until I was quietly escorted to the front to either pay or leave. But I still got the book! Yay! And now I have the book, so I can sleep at night. Oh No, Astro! tells the story of an asteroid who is unexpectedly hit by a satellite, causing him to charge toward earth against his will. On the way he goes flying past other planets and space bits, and on the way, his story converges with a young girl who sees him careening toward the planet. 

Along with hilarious illustrations (by Brad Woodard), lots of colour, and a super story, there is a bunch of information in the back of the book, in the form of a sort of index, answering possible questions from young readers, such as, "Is there actually a flag on the moon," and other similar pieces of information. This is a great book for those who are interested in space and also for those who are just plain inquisitive about life!

Highly Recommended


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