Denton Little's Still Not Dead - Lance Rubin

The good news: Denton Little has lived through his deathdate. Yay! The bad news: He’s being chased by the DIA (Death Investigation Agency), he can never see his family again, and he may now die any time. Huh. Cheating death isn’t quite as awesome as Denton would have thought…

[I]n this sequel, he takes on the big questions about life. How do we cope, knowing we could die at any time? Would you save someone from dying even if they were a horrible person? Is it wrong to kiss the girl your best friend is crushing on if she’s really into you instead? What if she’s wearing bacon lip gloss?

I really like Denton, even if he is a bit more impulsive that I'd like to think I would be in that situation. Oh who am I kidding, I'd be just as much of a mess! I mean, you're supposed to be dead, then you're not? Then you find out you might be able to save people? Then again, maybe not? I mean, everything is a complete clusterf**k for poor Denton. Thank goodness he has his best friends to help him along and make sure he doesn't do anything too stupid... or maybe they'll help him do something even more stupid!

Now, you already know I really like Denton Little's Death Date, and I like this one just as much, if not a bit more. That being said, I must make a note about the "science." If you have a need for realistic scientific explanations, you may need to work on your suspension of disbelief. The "science" behind the death dates is completely whacked. I mean, how can genetics determine your death date if the way you die isn't genetic (i.e. you die in a car crash or a shooting)?

BUT, it's the philosophical questions and the considerations of death that make this novel really shine. Denton, Paulo, and Millie are strong characters, and their relationship triangle is really quite intriguing. There's a lot going on in this sequel, but I still recommend it to fans of the first book!


(NOTE: This review is from an Advance Reading Copy - Out Feb. 2017)


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