Picturebooks Roundup (Part 2)

Picturebook Favorites [Part II] 
ALA (2017)

La La La 
Kate DiCamillo (Author) and Jaime Kim (Illustrator)

A beautiful story of hope and personal exploration told through a simple, repeated refrain, and accompanied by incredible illustrations rendered in a combination of black and white and vibrant color. You won't want this wonderful little book to end!

(10/03/2017 - Candlewick Press)

Love, Triangle 
Marcie Colleen (Author) and Bob Shea (Illustrator)

Told through a delightful combination of word play and geometric imagery, Love, Triangle is a hilarious story of friendship and the complications that ensue when a new arrival comes into the picture. As circle and square compete for triangle's attention, Shea's illustrations perfectly capture the and exaggerate their shenanigans.

(10/03/2017 - Balzer + Bray)

Read the Book, Lemmings! 
Ame Dyckman (Author) and Zachariah OHora (Illustrator)

Why won't the lemmings read the book Don't they know lemmings don't jump off of cliffs‽ These silly lemmings just don't seem to learn, but can Foxy teach them in the end? Let's hope so, or they'll be in for a whole mess of trouble from the Captain. Zachariah OHora's simple, yet incredibly expressive illustrations accompany Ame Dyckman's signature humor in this super fun story of miscommunication.

(11/07/2017 - Little, Brown)

The King of Too Many Things 
Laurel Snyder (Author) and Aurore Damant (Illustrator)

Can things bring about a sense of happiness? Readers will find out in this modern fairy tale, as King Jasper keeps ordering his wizard to conjure up more and more stuff. Every page is a new revelation; what will King Jasper ask for next? And is this the thing that will finally ensure he is happy and satisfied? Snyder's delicious prose accompany Aurore's silly and exaggerated images that will be sure to satisfy the imaginations of child readers (at least for now!)

(09/05/2017 - Rodale Kids)

Stay tuned for Part 3!


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