Picturebooks Roundup (Part 3)

Picturebook Favorites [Part III] 
ALA (2017)

Not Quite Narwhal 
Jessie Sima

This book is hard to describe without using the word "sparkly" a lot. It is so vibrant and colorful, the images leap off the page. Sima's story is adorable, but has depth as our cute little protagonist works to find out where in the world he belongs. Is he a Narwhal because he was raised by them? Or is he a Unicorn because he looks and plays like them? A sweet read aloud, for any age!

(Already Available - Simon & Schuster)

Cynthia Rylant (Author) and Brendan Wenzel (Illustrator)

Life is big, bold, and beautiful, and sometimes a little bit scary. All of life's awesome wonder is expressed radiantly through Wenzel's artistic experimentation. Every animal expresses joy in its given environment, every vista boldly displayed in its full glory. Rylant's elegant prose is paired perfectly with every image. This is truly a work to savor!

(Already Available - Beach Lane)

a small blue whale 
Beth Ferry (Author) and Lisa Mundorff (Illustrator)

A small blue whale sat in a silver sea wishing, wanting, waiting for a friend.
A story of patience and playfulness is met with whimsical, vibrant illustrations in this little story with a very big heart. The imagery will bring a smile to even the most cynical of faces. Penguins, and rainbows, and nature abound. Kudos to the beautiful minds of Ferry and Mundorff.

(10/24/2017 - Knopf)

Little Fox in the Forest 
Stephanie Graegin

Little Fox in the Forest is a story of companionship and connection. A wily little fox runs off with a little girl's stuffed fox in this wordless picturebook by Stephanie Graegin. As the little girl, along with her friend, chases the fox into the animal world, each image slowly begins to take on more color, the palette becoming more vibrant with each page turn. But what will happen when the little girl and her friend finally confront the little fox? Well, you'll have to read to find out!

(Already Available - Schwartz & Wade)

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